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100,000 copies sold!
Battleground Lanka - The Indian Mythology Card Game. Attack. Strategy. Victory.

Our Story

Battleground Studios is a story of chance, and a whole lot of procrastination. A group of friends started developing strategy games back in 2008... only we didn't really share our work with the world for another decade! We're engineers, we're artists, we love the idea of making fun and interesting things. Most of all, we're driven by the joy on the faces of our friends, families and customers when they play our games.


As a global team, it's important that our products are messengers of diversity, while retaining their cultural authenticity. Our games are crafted across the world in the US, India, France, Ukraine, Poland and Indonesia.

Seattle USA


Kiev Ukraine


Mumbai India


Poland Warsaw


Paris France


Jakarta Indonesia



Founder 1

Self-professed game nerd. Loves product and design. Passionate about building new things.


Artist. Designer. Engineer. Eager to create new things. Lover of cats (and bears!).


Engineer. Storyteller. Marketer. Hustling and making things that matter.

Founder 2

Board game aficionado. Engineer at work. Strategist at large. Learning finance.

Founder 3

Programmer. Sci-fi and fantasy nerd. Always looking for the next big idea.

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